Samsung Galaxy Ring in Development: A Potential Leap in Wearable Technology

Samsung is rumored to be developing the Samsung Galaxy Ring, a smart ring that could offer greater accuracy than smartwatches. Learn about the latest developments in wearable technology and what this upcoming product might offer.


  • Samsung is reportedly working on the Galaxy Ring, a smart ring that could surpass the accuracy of smartwatches while providing comfortable wear.
  • The Japanese tech firm, Meiko, is collaborating with Samsung to develop the essential PCB for the Galaxy Ring.
  • Samsung’s SmartThings app now supports smart rings, hinting at a potential launch of this new wearable.
  • The brand has recently filed trademarks for several product names related to wearables, suggesting an upcoming expansion in its wearable range.
Samsung Galaxy Ring, a wearable device with multiple sensors
Samsung Galaxy Ring

The race to innovate in wearable technology continues, and Samsung is once again stepping up to the challenge. According to recent reports, the company is working on a revolutionary smart ring, possibly called the Galaxy Ring, that promises to provide even greater accuracy and comfort compared to traditional smartwatches.

Samsung Collaborates with Meiko for Galaxy Ring Development

Partnering with the Japanese R&D and tech company, Meiko, Samsung is actively developing the essential printed circuit board (PCB) that will form the foundation of the Galaxy Ring’s design and functionality. This upcoming smart ring is said to incorporate cutting-edge health sensors like ECG and PPG, as per Samsung’s filed trademarks. The inclusion of these sensors is expected to offer users more precise health-related information than what is currently available through smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Ring patent images
Samsung Galaxy Ring design

SmartThings App Support: A Hint Towards Impending Smart Ring Launch?

Despite these exciting developments, there are no definitive indications regarding the Galaxy Ring’s launch date. Although Samsung’s SmartThings app has added support for smart rings, it remains uncertain if this implies an imminent product release or if it merely caters to smart rings from partner brands. Brands like Finland-based Oura have already made strides in the smart ring market with their latest model, the Ring 3, boasting features like 24/7 activity sensors and a remarkable 7-day battery life.

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Trademarks Galore: Samsung’s Expanding Wearable Range

Samsung’s commitment to expanding its wearable range is evident from its recent trademark filings. The company has secured trademarks for product names like Galaxy Circle, Pulse, Index, Insight, and Rhythm, hinting at a potential lineup expansion beyond the Galaxy Ring. It is speculated that the final product might bear one of these monikers, creating anticipation among tech enthusiasts.

Delayed Unveiling: Samsung’s Concerns with the Galaxy Glasses

Notably, Samsung has previously shown interest in launching an extended reality headset under the names Galaxy Glasses and Galaxy Ring. However, due to concerns regarding the display quality of the headset, the unveiling might be delayed until next year. Despite this, Samsung fans have much to look forward to, considering the early development stages of the Galaxy Ring.

A Look at Upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 Series Models

While we await further updates on the Galaxy Ring, Samsung fans can focus their attention on the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series models. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will make a comeback with its beloved rotating bezel, adding a touch of nostalgia to the latest generation of Samsung smartwatches. To catch all the exciting announcements, mark your calendars for the Galaxy Unpacked event on July 26th.

In conclusion, Samsung’s foray into the world of smart rings presents an intriguing possibility for the future of wearable technology. With the promise of increased accuracy and comfort, the Galaxy Ring might well become a sought-after addition to Samsung’s impressive lineup of wearables. As technology continues to evolve, it is exciting to witness how Samsung’s innovations will shape the future of wearable devices.

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