Best Black Friday Cell Phone Deals 2023: iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 8 Pro

Black Friday is here, and checking out stores reveals some fantastic deals, especially for those hunting for a new smartphone. Many top brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google have already slashed prices on their latest models, making it an excellent time to snag a deal on the iPhone 15 Pro, Samsung’s Galaxy foldables, or the latest Google Pixel phones.

Best Black Friday cell phone deals 2023 featurin Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Google Pixel 8 Pro

I’ve curated the finest Black Friday phone deals available for you, featuring standout offers from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and major carrier stores. Stay tuned for regular updates on the best locations and methods to score significant savings on the latest smartphones just in time for the holidays.

Best Black Friday iPhone Deals 2023:

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max:

Best Deal: $200 at AT&T with new service

Undoubtedly, the top Black Friday offer for iPhones is happening on Amazon. They’re practically handing out the 512GB iPhone 15 Pro Max for just one cent, but you need to commit to a 36-month plan with Boost Infinite (not the same as Boost Mobile) at $60 per month. The great part is, this deal applies to the entire iPhone 15 series.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro:

Best Deal: Free at AT&T with new service

Unlock incredible savings with AT&T’s iPhone deal! When you trade in a device valued over $230, sign up for an installment plan, and join an eligible Unlimited voice and data plan, AT&T rewards you with a $1,000 refund over time. This essentially covers the entire cost of your new iPhone. It’s a deal worth exploring!

If you meet certain requirements and are willing to commit for 2-3 years, this can be a practical and budget-friendly choice. However, not everyone will meet all the criteria.

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Apple iPhone 14:

Best Deal: $679.99 (Save $50) at Best Buy

Even though the iPhone 15 lineup was released recently, the iPhone 14 is still a brilliant phone, and like the rest of the phones on this list, this model is unlocked. That means you can grab a brand-new iPhone 14 for $50 off without changing plan or trade-in.

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iPhone SE (2022):

Best Deal: $99 (Save $280) at Straight Talk

This new iPhone SE 2022, which just came out, is a great option if you want an affordable phone for your kids or as a second-hand device. Priced at $99, it’s hard to find a better deal. It operates on the latest iOS, and its A15 Bionic processor works quite smoothly.

Best Black Friday Samsung Phone Deals 2023:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

Best Deal: $1079.99 (Save $200) at Amazon

Amazon is offering a generous $300 instant discount on Samsung’s flagship model. This high-end phone is not only unlocked for use with any wireless carrier but also boasts top-notch camera capabilities, making it a premier choice.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5:

Best Deal: $919.99 (Save $200) at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5 hit the market this summer, maintaining its $1000 price tag until recently. Currently, you can snag it on Amazon for $200 less. Boasting a larger screen and increased storage compared to its predecessors, this folding phone is generating buzz – especially if you’re into the concept of foldable devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5:

Best Deal: $1299.99 (Save $500) at Amazon

Get Samsung’s cutting-edge Galaxy Z Fold 5 – the newest and most advanced foldable phone in their collection. With a seamless design, improved cameras, and enhanced multitasking capabilities, it embodies the essence of a notebook-style foldable device.

Samsung Galaxy S23:

Best Deal: $664.99 (Save $150) at Amazon

If you’re in the market for a newer Samsung flagship, you have the opportunity to snag a complimentary Galaxy S23. Simply trade in your current phone and enroll in a Go5G Plus plan. For existing customers, adding a line to their Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plans qualifies them for a free phone. Additionally, you can apply the $800 credit towards the S23 Plus or S23 Ultra models if those catch your interest.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4:

Best Deal: $1319.97 (Save $540) at Amazon

Samsung enhanced various aspects of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 compared to its predecessor. Despite the initial high price of $1,799, it’s currently available at a more reasonable cost on Amazon, and no trade-in is necessary to enjoy this discount.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE:

Best Deal: $399.99 (Save $200) at Amazon

If you’re searching for an excellent bargain on a top-notch smartphone, check out the Galaxy S23 FE priced at $399 on Amazon. This deal offers the most affordable price we’ve observed for this phone so far. The Galaxy S23 FE is a recently launched model featuring a telephoto camera and the capability to capture impressive 8K videos.

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Samsung Galaxy A54 5G:

Best Deal: $324.99 (Save $150) at Amazon

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly smartphone, consider the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G. With its spacious 6.4-inch display, speedy 120Hz refresh rate, ample 128GB internal storage, a robust 5,000mAh battery, and a stylish “Awesome Violet” design, it’s a solid choice for those seeking reliable performance.

Currently, you can snag the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G for just $325, enjoying a $125 discount at various leading retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

Best Black Friday Google Pixel Deals 2023:

Google Pixel 8 Pro:

Best Deal: $799 (Save $200) at Best Buy

Experience the excellence of the Google Pixel 8 Pro, a top-tier smartphone that stands out in 2023. Its enhanced camera effortlessly captures stunning low-light HDR videos, powered by the cutting-edge Tensor G3 chip, offering a plethora of generative AI features. Enjoy extended battery life that keeps up with your day.

For a limited time, seize the opportunity to purchase this flagship phone at a reduced price of $799, with a $200 discount available at major retailers. Choose from stylish color options such as Obsidian, Porcelain, and the captivating Bay, featuring a mesmerizing sky-blue satin finish. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your smartphone experience with the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Google Pixel Fold:

Best Deal: $1399 (Save $400) at Best Buy

In 2023, foldable phones are soaring in popularity, and the Google Pixel Fold is making waves with an enticing deal at just $1,399 – a remarkable $400 off. This places the cutting-edge phone-to-tablet gadget in close competition with standard flagship smartphones. Choose between stylish Obsidian and elegant Porcelain color options, and enjoy the same savings on the 512GB version.

Google Pixel 7 Pro:

Best Deal: $687.50 at Amazon

Released in 2022, the Google Pixel 7 Pro continues to stand out as a top-notch smartphone. Currently, you have the opportunity to grab the unlocked Pro version, complete with its impressive features like the triple camera setup, Google Tensor G2, and Titan M2 security chip. While it usually sells for around $900, Best Buy is offering a special deal, letting you snag it for $250 less.

Best Black Friday Motorola Phone Deals 2023:

Motorola ThinkPhone:

Best Deal: $399.99 (Save $300) at Amazon

This summer, Motorola introduced two impressive foldable phones that stood up well in ZDNET’s tests, giving tough competition to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Amidst the buzz around these foldable gadgets, it’s important not to overlook the Lenovo ThinkPhone.

Equipped with Motorola’s signature features like quick gestures and Ready For, along with a robust spec sheet, this device, now priced at $399 (originally $699), boasts 128GB storage, a 5,000mAh battery, 12GB of RAM, IP68 water and dust resistance, and a sleek form factor that might leave you wondering how it’s so budget-friendly.

Motorola Razr:

Best Deal: $499.99 (Save $200) at Amazon

While Samsung pioneered foldable screens in phones, the Razr stands out as an iconic brand, offering one of the best budget-friendly foldables available. With a sizable 6.9-inch display, a Snapdragon 7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB storage, it delivers impressive value at just $500 for an unlocked foldable device.

Motorola Moto G Power 5G:

Best Deal: $199.99 (Save $100) at Amazon

Discover an impressive budget-friendly smartphone boasting a spacious 6.5-inch full HD display and an expansive 256GB storage capacity. With 6GB of RAM, it ensures a seamlessly smooth Android experience. What’s more, it comes unlocked, offering incredible value at just $200.

When is Black Friday 2023?

Get ready for Black Friday 2023 on November 24, right after Thanksgiving! But here’s the scoop: Many brands are jumping the gun and dropping awesome holiday deals weeks before the big day. So, the savings might start flowing even before you’ve had your fill of turkey and stuffing!

What’s the Method Behind Our Black Friday Deals Selection?

At PhoneBidya, we focus on sharing exclusive deals for gadgets and products that we personally want to buy. Our team of experts scours the market to find discounts of at least 20% or rare sales on items we love or highly recommend. We use reliable price comparison tools and trackers to ensure that the deals we highlight are genuinely discounted and not commonly available.

We took a deep dive into customer reviews to understand what matters to those who’ve already tried the products we’re suggesting. Our recommendations are not only influenced by our own testing but also stem from thorough research and comparison shopping. Our aim is to provide precise advice, empowering you to make smarter shopping decisions.

Which is the Best Cell Phone?

The choice for the ultimate phone depends on whether you’re a fan of Android or iPhone. If you lean towards Android, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra stands out as a top-tier option, boasting features like a powerful quad-camera setup, reverse wireless charging, and a built-in stylus.

On the Apple side, iPhone enthusiasts may find the iPhone 15 Pro Max to be the reigning champion. It impresses with the most advanced camera system among Apple devices, dependable battery life, and a sleek Titanium build that’s both thinner and lighter.

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